Back to the future

I like shoes. A lot. I’m gonna show some of mine form time to time. The interesting ones, of course. When I saw those Reeboks Pumps I just couldn’t resist. I had to have them. I’m the 80’s kid. What can U do?

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Black is black

Black is good old black. That’s what they say. I love black outfits, especially broken with a touch of some colour. This time is mint. Sneakers and cap. A lot of textures and different fabrics, but a lot of details that holds this look together.

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He we go!

It’s time to raise the curtains….

I myself, am a bit shocked that I’m really doing this. Since always I’ve been in to music, and sound industry, but what the hell, lets try something new.

So… let there be blog!

It’s mostly about street fashion, not to fancy, not to elegant, with no sweat at all. The reason I decided to give it a shot it is quite simple. According to fashion blogs in the web, I – guy over 30, should be wearing, expensive suits, tailored shirts, and Italian handmade shoes. I get it, all right, I get it​…​ but it’s just not me. So I’ll be showing a different approach to men style.
No sweat style.

Take a look,

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