Just fly

Lately i felt in love in Kite surfing. U should try it. This is the best sport in the world, โ€‹and kind of easy to learn.I can’t believe I discovered it this year.


If U’ll have a chance try it !!!โ€‹

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Let’s read

There are two things in this post I’d like to say.

First. Let’s read more. I can’t concentrate on a book for more 5 minutes without looking at my phone (without any reason, just to swipe left and right). I bet, I’m not alone. So let’s live our phones in the other room, and just read for this demn two hours. As far as I remember is cool thing to do ๐Ÿ™‚

Second. Let’s put some fun in the way we dress. Why not. When U feel black, dress black. If U feel cartoonish, dress this this. When U find some old jeans jacket from the 80′, why not to wear it with some wierd greenish short pants. Because why not?

This way U gonna be more interesting, and more interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰


Some details:

Komono sunglasses, Swatch watch, Gรณrtz Shoes, HM shorts

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Since i love weird shoes, here are one. They’re strange, yet cool mixture of fabric, print and shape. They are extremely comfortable, freakishly light, made very well, and in my favourite tune of camo. Made by https://peoplefootwear.com/

Check them out, they make some fun shoes for men and women.

cheers !!

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Back to the future

I like shoes. A lot. I’m gonna show some of mine form time to time. The interesting ones, of course. When I saw those Reeboks Pumps I just couldn’t resist. I had to have them. I’m the 80’s kid. What can U do?

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