Game of Thrones

I’m not in to Game of Thrones that much, but I thing I might appear in one episode. Unexpected entrance, a bit of pervy sex, and of course – cruel death. That would be fun. πŸ˜‰

Photos by awesome Mimolek

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Well, long story short. I’m not that young anymore. That’s a shame a bit , but that’s the case. In certain age, U have to take one of two roads. First is to become a fat daddy, with a beer belly, looking like a sausage. Second is to take some steps to be as far from the firs option as possible.

So i picked the funnest one. Skating on three wheels rollerblades . And this is so much fun. I wouldn’t brag about it, but this is something different, than standard four wheel thing. My friend talk me in to giving it a try, and I felled in love.

U can go super fast, U can jump, U can take fast short turns. Damn….. So… to sum it up, U have fun, U burn some fat, U make some mussels, and U can look cool at the some time πŸ™‚ Of course to look cool U have to be careful. U have to remember not to go to far like going full spandex for instance. The pro skaters do, but U (and I) are not pros. Have that in mind.

Big thanks for Miro and whole bladeville crew. Big up !!

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Young Pope

Look inspired by one of my favourite TV series of this season. Young Pope, by Paolo Sorentino is a definite must to see. I love his movies, and now I’m in love in this series. So….. Maroon, velour, awesome hoodie by Naketano. Ultra awesome bomber jacket by Criminal Damage. And a just a bit awesome jeans, just not to go over the top too much. Have a nice day kids !!

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Black is black

Black is good old black. That’s what they say. I love black outfits, especially broken with a touch of some colour. This time is mint. Sneakers and cap. A lot of textures and different fabrics, but a lot of details that holds this look together.

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He we go!

It’s time to raise the curtains….

I myself, am a bit shocked that I’m really doing this. Since always I’ve been in to music, and sound industry, but what the hell, lets try something new.

So… let there be blog!

It’s mostly about street fashion, not to fancy, not to elegant, with no sweat at all. The reason I decided to give it a shot it is quite simple. According to fashion blogs in the web, I – guy over 30, should be wearing, expensive suits, tailored shirts, and Italian handmade shoes. I get it, all right, I get it​…​ but it’s just not me. So I’ll be showing a different approach to men style.
No sweat style.

Take a look,

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