Game of Thrones

I’m not in to Game of Thrones that much, but I thing I might appear in one episode. Unexpected entrance, a bit of pervy sex, and of course – cruel death. That would be fun. 😉

Photos by awesome Mimolek

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​Minmalism isn’t my strongest game. I’m a music producer and I struggle with minimizing my tracks for years. ​When it goes in close I let myself drift a bit. So sometimes I go over the top with mixtures of fabric, prints and colour. Sometimes thou i go minimal.

When going ascetic remember that details are everything. Well chosed accessories like watch, bag, or even phone case, can make Your look.


shoes K-Swis




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Young Pope

Look inspired by one of my favourite TV series of this season. Young Pope, by Paolo Sorentino is a definite must to see. I love his movies, and now I’m in love in this series. So….. Maroon, velour, awesome hoodie by Naketano. Ultra awesome bomber jacket by Criminal Damage. And a just a bit awesome jeans, just not to go over the top too much. Have a nice day kids !!

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Black is black

Black is good old black. That’s what they say. I love black outfits, especially broken with a touch of some colour. This time is mint. Sneakers and cap. A lot of textures and different fabrics, but a lot of details that holds this look together.

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