Let’s read

There are two things in this post I’d like to say.

First. Let’s read more. I can’t concentrate on a book for more 5 minutes without looking at my phone (without any reason, just to swipe left and right). I bet, I’m not alone. So let’s live our phones in the other room, and just read for this demn two hours. As far as I remember is cool thing to do 🙂

Second. Let’s put some fun in the way we dress. Why not. When U feel black, dress black. If U feel cartoonish, dress this this. When U find some old jeans jacket from the 80′, why not to wear it with some wierd greenish short pants. Because why not?

This way U gonna be more interesting, and more interesting 😉


Some details:

Komono sunglasses, Swatch watch, Górtz Shoes, HM shorts

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