Just fly

Lately i felt in love in Kite surfing. U should try it. This is the best sport in the world, ​and kind of easy to learn.I can’t believe I discovered it this year.


If U’ll have a chance try it !!!​

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Game of Thrones

I’m not in to Game of Thrones that much, but I thing I might appear in one episode. Unexpected entrance, a bit of pervy sex, and of course – cruel death. That would be fun. 😉

Photos by awesome Mimolek

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Let’s read

There are two things in this post I’d like to say.

First. Let’s read more. I can’t concentrate on a book for more 5 minutes without looking at my phone (without any reason, just to swipe left and right). I bet, I’m not alone. So let’s live our phones in the other room, and just read for this demn two hours. As far as I remember is cool thing to do 🙂

Second. Let’s put some fun in the way we dress. Why not. When U feel black, dress black. If U feel cartoonish, dress this this. When U find some old jeans jacket from the 80′, why not to wear it with some wierd greenish short pants. Because why not?

This way U gonna be more interesting, and more interesting 😉


Some details:

Komono sunglasses, Swatch watch, Górtz Shoes, HM shorts

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Well, long story short. I’m not that young anymore. That’s a shame a bit , but that’s the case. In certain age, U have to take one of two roads. First is to become a fat daddy, with a beer belly, looking like a sausage. Second is to take some steps to be as far from the firs option as possible.

So i picked the funnest one. Skating on three wheels rollerblades . And this is so much fun. I wouldn’t brag about it, but this is something different, than standard four wheel thing. My friend talk me in to giving it a try, and I felled in love.

U can go super fast, U can jump, U can take fast short turns. Damn….. So… to sum it up, U have fun, U burn some fat, U make some mussels, and U can look cool at the some time 🙂 Of course to look cool U have to be careful. U have to remember not to go to far like going full spandex for instance. The pro skaters do, but U (and I) are not pros. Have that in mind.

Big thanks for Miro and whole bladeville crew. Big up !!

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​Minmalism isn’t my strongest game. I’m a music producer and I struggle with minimizing my tracks for years. ​When it goes in close I let myself drift a bit. So sometimes I go over the top with mixtures of fabric, prints and colour. Sometimes thou i go minimal.

When going ascetic remember that details are everything. Well chosed accessories like watch, bag, or even phone case, can make Your look.


shoes K-Swis  http://www.kswiss.com/eu/

watch https://www.mvmtwatches.com/

shades https://www.ajmorganeyewear.com/

bag http://vistula.pl/

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Since i love weird shoes, here are one. They’re strange, yet cool mixture of fabric, print and shape. They are extremely comfortable, freakishly light, made very well, and in my favourite tune of camo. Made by https://peoplefootwear.com/

Check them out, they make some fun shoes for men and women.

cheers !!

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